Chirimia Baru


Chirimia Baru was formed by music students in 2015 looking to rescue and spread the richness of Colombian music. having a contemporary air and musical integrity of afro-rhythms, using traditional instruments such as marimba de chonta, tambora, tambor alegre, gaita and maracas to tell stories and tales from the mystic land of the eternal spring.

In its trajectory Chirimía Barú has been keeping rich musical traditions alive. With its high energy performance, the group has established itself as an authentic, worthy representative of Colombian music in Canada.


Professional dancers Jineth and Fabián Franco, choreographers and dance directors, with an emphasis in contemporary dance and traditional Colombian dance will be accompanying this ensemble..

You will be transported to this South American land by these powerful rhythms. 


Edgar Abril -,vocals, Trompet, Saxophone 

Anita Graciano - vocals, tambora 

Camilo Giraldo - vocals, Marimba,Tambor alegre, Gaita

Jorge Maiz - vocals, tambor alegre, Maracas 

Jineth Franco , Dancer & Choreographer 

Fabian Franco , Dancer & Choreographer

Jineth Franco


Jorge Maiz

tambor alegre / maracas / gaita

Anita Graciano

Vocals / tambora

Camilo Giraldo

Marimba / tambor alegre / gaita

Fabian Franco


Edgar Abril

Sax / vocals